aBOUt me

Whilst my current work is of portraiture I don't necessarily consider myself to be a portrait artist. I currently work in two styles which may appear to be distinctly different in terms of the viewing experience but in actuality the processes for both styles are closely intertwined.  

My ‘mosaic’ or ‘140’ style is concerned with the deconstruction of the painting process.  The viewer is presented not with a painted portrait, but rather a collection of individual abstract images that can be considered in their own right.  As each of the elements of the final portrait are painted in isolation this highlights any variation in my interpretation of colour, tone, light, line and composition.  In this sense I think my painting is very honest.  My mistakes remain uncorrected and this in my opinion leads to an interesting visual dance across the surface.   

Perhaps surprisingly my more traditional portraits follow this exact same process. The key difference is that my ‘mistakes’ are corrected when painting the portrait as a single image.

David Sargerson lives and paints in Cheshire.  He was awarded the de Laszlo Foundation Award for Outstanding Portraiture from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2012.